Payroll Management

Payroll in Norway is more complex than in many other European countries. It is highly important for your employees that you get the payroll right, but every country has their own unique set of rules. Attempting to manage your own payroll here is to invite trouble. A better idea is to outsource payroll management to the team at Leinonen. We handle everything from deductions to pay slips to automatic bank deposits.

Payroll Services in Norway

Employees will not be happy about an error on their paycheck. And even if the error was an innocent mistake by the accounting department, they may want to start looking for another job. Leinonen provide payroll management services in Norway that enable you to eliminate payroll mistakes and ensure trust and harmony to your workforce.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Management in Norway

People work for the money and benefits. Of course, it also helps if they also enjoy what they do. But for most people, the most important reason they show up for work in the morning is because it allows them to make their mortgage payment, feed their kids and go on holiday. When there are errors in their paycheck, they will likely blame their employer and won’t forget about it any time soon.

When you outsource payroll management of your Norwegian business to Leinonen, you help strengthen the integrity of the process while at the same time enjoying various other benefits, including:

  • Transparency: Transparency is at the heart of everything we do.
  • Confidentiality: Your company’s confidential information will stay confidential.
  • Accuracy: Income tax, social taxes and more will be correctly accounted for.
  • Easy communication: Every member of our Norwegian office is multilingual.
  • Dependability: Your payroll will be ready on time every time.
  • Workplace harmony: Dependable payroll services create happy employees.
  • Enhanced productivity: Happy workers are willing to work harder.
  • First-class customer service: Leinonen is never more than a phone call away.

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There are many considerations that go into the preparation of the payroll including minimum wage requirements, maternity leave, sick leave, personal income tax, national insurance scheme and many, many more. When it comes to medium and large-sized businesses those considerations can overwhelm in-house staff.

Leinonen provide a better way. Our payroll management services enable foreign-owned businesses to establish workplace harmony while saving money. Stop losing key staff members over payroll errors. Talk to the team at Leinonen and ask about our payroll management in Norway.

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