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Since 1989

Our experience in accounting and payroll management extends to more than 25 years. Today we have 12 offices in 11 countries with over 200 accounting professionals passionate about their work.

Finnish people have always been honest, straightforward and aiming towards maximum integrity. Mentioned values are also the foundation of Leinonen. Individual needs of our clients are as important to us as their financial administration.  

We consider our most significant strength to be vast knowledge and expertise in cross-border activities and business in foreign markets. Our portfolio consists mainly of subsidiaries of international companies active in one or more of the countries we operate.

We can proudly say that we are the experts to turn to when it comes to the characteristics and differences in administrative and business environments between various countries. We will answer the questions you didn’t even know you had.   

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Leinonen group services



We believe in synergy. Our accountants work in cooperation with your team to ensure that all accounting information meets local and international standards. We keep the tax man away, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Payroll management

Money is a sensitive matter, and managing employee salaries should always be handled with the utmost care, confidence, and punctuality. Payroll management in Leinonen is conducted by experts who are always up to date with the latest changes in the local legislation.

Payroll Administration means tiresome and ever changing activities, i.e., applying employment laws, monitoring local requirements, preparing contracts and maintaining employee records. With Leinonen on your side you don’t need to, we will do it for you.


Every company must take care of its business transactions, but local authorities often require specific procedures on certain terms. Your local Leinonen office is happy to take over all of these tiresome and time-consuming operations.

General Administration services at Leinonen make the business more convenient for you to manage. Upon request we can represent you in front of the authorities, archive accounting materials and provide a legal mail address or post handling service.

Management reporting

All of the managerial decisions should be based on an accurate management reporting system. Professional, high-quality and accurate bookkeeping is the solid foundation of management accounting.

We provide you with precise management reports, internal controls, support you in budgeting and ad-hoc reporting if needed.

company establishment

Plan to take your company abroad? We are more than happy to assist you with the entire process and help you minimize the risks related to founding a new company.

When establishing a company abroad, it’s crucial that the company form and registration comply with the local legislation. We make sure that the chosen form is financially the most profitable for you.


On many occasions, Tax Advisory at Leinonen is linked to accounting services. The taxation of international businesses changes frequently and is somewhat difficult to comprehend, even if the company is operating in merely one country. No need for you to worry though, we are here to assist you.

Legal services

In selected offices, we offer you legal services conducted by our experienced team members. In other offices, we have a handpicked network of local masterminds who will help you with any kind of legal issues. You are taken care of.

According to Kantar Emor, Leinonen Group client relationships remained strong in 2020, reaching the top 33% among European consulting services providers.

Our clients

Leinonen Group's clientele is very varied and we want to keep offering our services for companies of different sizes and fields. Our clients are mainly international companies with permanent operations in our service region. Moreover, our clients are subsidiaries or branches of larger enterprises. In addition, we also serve successful and publicly respected local companies, as well as newly established companies.

Regional Players

International Corporations


International Businesses

Local Businesses


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